EE445S Real-Time DSP Lab - Lecture and Labs

This course is a four-credit course, with three hours of lecture and three hours of lab per week.

Lecture will be on Mondays and Wednesdays, from 10:30am to 12:00pm, from Jan. 22nd to May 8th. Laboratory sessions will be in EER 1.810 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, Jan. 28th to May 10th.

This course does not require a semester project nor does it have a final examination. Final grades will consist of pre-lab quizzes, lab reports, homework assignments, in-lecture work, and exams. Exams will be based on material covered in lecture, homework, lab sessions and reading assignments.

Lecture slides (70 MB) and the course reader (90 MB) are available for spring 2019.

The schedule of lecture/lab topics and reading assignments follows. JSK means Johnson, Sethares & Klein, Software Receiver Design. WWM means Welch, Wright & Morrow, Real-Time Digital Signal Proc.

Week Monday Lecture Wednesday Lecture Major Assignment Due Lab Reading Assignment
Jan. 21st MLK HOLIDAY Introduction NO LAB Wednesday: JSK ch. 1-2
Reader handouts A-D & R
Jan. 28th Sinusoidal Generation Sinusoidal Generation Homework #0
(Friday 11am)
Introduction - Tools Monday: Pre-lab Reading
and JSK 3.1-3.3 and 3.6
Wednesday: JSK 3.4 and Reader handout I
Feb. 4th Signals and Systems Signals and Systems Lab #1 Report
(in lab section)
Sine Wave Generation Monday: Pre-lab Quiz
Wednesday: JSK 3.5, 3.7, 4.1-4.5, app. A.2, A.4, G.1 & G.2; Reader handouts E & F
Feb. 11th Digital Signal Processors Finite Impulse Response Filters Homework #1
(Friday 11am)
Sine Wave Generation Monday: JSK ch. 3-4
Wednesday: JSK ch. 3-4
Feb. 18th FIR Filters FIR Filters Lab #2 Report
(in lab section)
Digital Filters Monday: Pre-lab Quiz
Wednesday: JSK 7.1-7.2 and app. F
Feb. 25th FIR Filters Infinite Impulse Response Filters Homework #2
(Friday 11am)
Digital Filters Monday: Reader handout N
Wednesday: Reader handout O
Mar. 4th IIR Filters Sampling and Aliasing Homework #3
(Friday 11am)
Digital Filters Wednesday: JSK 5.1-5.2, 6.1-6.3, app. A.3; Reader handout H
Mar. 11th Sampling and Aliasing Midterm #1 Midterm #1
Digital Filters Monday: JSK 6.4-6.6 and Reader handout G

Spring Break is March 18-23. For the second half of the semester, the schedule of lecture/lab topics follows.

Week Monday Lecture Wednesday Lecture Major Assignments Due Lab Reading
Mar. 25th Discussion of midterm #1 solutions Interpolation and Pulse Shaping Lab #3 Report
(in lab section)
Data Scramblers Monday: Pre-lab Quiz
Wednesday: JSK 4.6, 8.1 and 8.2
Apr. 1st Digital Pulse Amplitude Modulation Digital Pulse Amplitude Modulation Lab #4 Report
(in lab section)
Homework #4
(Friday 11am)
Pulse Amplitude Modulation Monday: Pre-lab Quiz
Wednesday: JSK 9.1-9.4, app. B & E; Reader handout S
Apr. 8th Channel Impairments Matched Filtering Homework #5
(Friday 11am)
Pulse Amplitude Modulation Monday: JSK 8.3-8.5
Wednesday: JSK ch. 11 & 12; Haykin 4.6, 4.9-4.12
Apr. 15th Matched Filtering Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM) Transmitter Homework #6
(Friday 11am)
Pulse Amplitude Modulation Monday: JSK 5.3-5.4
Wednesday: JSK 16.1-16.2; Reader handout I and handout M
Apr. 22nd QAM Transmitter QAM Receiver Lab #5 Report
(in lab section)
Quadrature Amplitude Modulation Monday: Pre-lab Quiz
Wednesday: JSK 6.7-6.8, 10.1-10.4, 13.1-13.3, 16.3-16.8; Reader handout P
Apr. 29th Quantization Data Conversion Homework #7
(Friday 11am)
Quadrature Amplitude Modulation Monday: JSK 2.13, 3.5, 8.4
Wednesday: Reader handout J
May 6th Review Midterm #2 Lab #6 Report
(Friday 11:59pm)
Midterm #2
Guitar Special Effects Monday: Pre-lab Quiz

Playlist of lectures recorded in spring 2014

The following lectures are not scheduled to be presented this semester: TMS320C6000 DSP - Advanced Data Conversion - Fast Fourier Transforms - DSL Modems - Analog Sinusoidal Modulation - Wireless OFDM Systems - WiMAX - Spread Spectrum Communications. - Modern DSP Processors - Native Signal Processing - Algorithm Interoperability - System-level Design - Synchronization in ADSL Modems - Wireless 1000x