ECE 445S Real-Time Digital Signal Processing Lab - Homework

Homework assignments are generally assigned at least one week ahead of their due dates. This advanced notice will allow you to start on the assignment early, esp. the reading assignment. If you were to complete one homework problem each business day (Monday-Friday), then you'll be able to finish well ahead of the due date/time. Working on the homework assignment each day will allow you to learn more of the material vs. cramming the work into the day before it's due because you are allowing your brain more calendar time to process the information. As evidence of the benefits of having more calendar time to learn something, see

Homework Assignments

Homework style, content and format guidelines

Following these guidelines will make it easier for the grader to be able to evaluate your Matlab code and assign an appropriate number of points:

Specific Assignments The Matlab code for the Software Receiver Design textbook is available at For additional instructions, please see the Matlab help information.

I found three repositories of Python versions of the Matlab code in the Software Receiver Design book. The repository by Robert Neville implements signal and noise generators, filtering, frequency analysis like freqz in Matlab, and perhaps most importantly JSK's plotspec command.

Homework assignments with solutions from spring 2014.

LabVIEW Mathscript

For those wanting to use the LabVIEW Mathscript utility, please follow the LabVIEW installation instructions from the College of Engineering.

The Matlab scripts in Johnson, Sethares and Klein's Software Receiver Design textbook should run "as is" in LabVIEW Mathscript. To set up,

  1. Copy the .m files from the "SRD - MatlabFiles" folder on the CD ROM into a folder on your computer.
  2. Open the Mathscript window in LabVIEW by going to the Tools menu and select "Mathscript Window" (third entry).
  3. In the Mathscript window, go the File menu and select "LabVIEW MathScript Properties"
  4. Add the folder containing the .m files from the book to the search path.

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