EE382C Embedded Software Systems - Spring 1998 Projects

Prof. Brian L. Evans

These are the research projects that the students completed during the Spring 1998 semester:

  1. Sultan Ahmed, George Benavides, and Khalid Islam, "HDSL2 Implementation in Ptolemy"

  2. Hugo Andrade and Scott Kovner, "Software Synthesis from Dataflow Models for Embedded Software Design in the G Programming Language and the LabVIEW Development Environment"

  3. Guner Arslan, "Dual-Tone Multiple Frequency (DTMF) Detector Implementation"

  4. Ravi Bhargava and Ramesh Radhakrishnan, "Characterization of MMX-enhanced DSP Applications on a General Purpose Processor"

  5. Dong-Ming Chuang and Yucong Gu, "Multicarrier CDMA Communication System Design"

  6. Amey Deosthali and Srikanth Gummadi, "Low-cost Real-time Decoding of Broadcast Time and Frequency Standard"

  7. Thomas Holme and Karen Watkins, "Optimal Architectures for Massively Parallel Implementation of Hard Real-time Beamformers"

  8. Jong-il Kim, "System-level modeling and implementation of video codecs"

  9. Guido Meardi, "FPGA-coupled Microprocessors"

  10. Juan C. Rubio and Wade Schwartzkopf, "Binary-to-Binary Translation"

  11. Jianlan Song and Qian Wang, "Implementation of an H.263+ Decoder on a TMS320C54 DSP"

  12. Chuanjun Wang, "Web-Enabled System-Level Design CAD Tools"

Projects will be reported on the following days.

Time March 10 March 12 May 5th May 7th
6:30 PM Team 2 Team 9 Team 9 Team 2
6:45 PM Team 4 Team 10 Team 10 Team 4
7:00 PM Team 12 Team 3 Team 3 Team 12
7:15 PM Team 1 Team 7 Team 7 Team 1
7:30 PM Team 6 Team 5 Team 5 Team 6
7:45 PM Team 8 Team 8
8:00 PM Team 11 Team 11

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