EE382C Embedded Software Systems - Spring 1999 Projects

Prof. Brian L. Evans

This page describes the research projects that the students have proposed for the Spring 1999 semester.

  1. Jianhua Gan, "Adaptive Power Control Module in Cellular Radio System"
  2. Heather Hanson and Gayathri Manikutty, "Hardware/Software Partitioning of Synchronous Dataflow Graphs in Ptolemy"
  3. Patrick Jackson and Reza Koohrang, "HDSL2 Modem Modeling and Simulation"
  4. Kurt Nee and Chad Roesle, "Feasability of Implementating an H.263+ Decoder on a TMS320C6x Digital Signal Processor"
  5. Michael Schaeffer, "An Extension to the Foundation Fieldbus Model for Specifying Process Control Strategies"
  6. Deepu Talla, "Evaluating Programmable VLIW and SIMD Architectures for DSP and Multimedia Applications"

Projects will be reported on the following days.

Time March 11th May 6th
6:30 PM Team 1 Team 6
6:42 PM Team 2 Team 5
6:54 PM Team 3 Team 4
7:06 PM Team 4 Team 3
7:18 PM Team 5 Team 2
7:30 PM Team 6 Team 1

The following project was withdrawn:

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