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Fall 2006

12/19/2006   Final Grades
12/19/2006   Grades
12/17/2006   your email to my TA has been forwarded to me to answer
12/14/2006   When can I look at my final?
12/13/2006   Memory Mapped I/O
12/08/2006   answers to problems at the end of the chapters
12/08/2006   KBSR, KBDR, DSR, DDR ...and how to use them re: PA 5
12/08/2006   For AFTER (LONG AFTER) the final exam...
12/07/2006   Traps and Interrupts -- vive la difference!
12/07/2006   why set the IE bit?
12/07/2006   instructions to push/pop vs. individual cycles to push or pop
12/07/2006   What is the o/s and what is the LC-3
12/06/2006   one student, several questions ...on interrupts
12/06/2006   An unasked question today ...for after the final exam
12/06/2006   a few questions about PA 5
12/04/2006   Moving on to PA 5 (after PA 4 is done, of course)
12/02/2006   What is GETC, PUTS, IN, OUT
12/02/2006   some concerns over some details in the NIM programming assignment
12/01/2006   more on interrupts
12/01/2006   Format of the input in PA 4: Do we have to type A2, say...
11/30/2006   What about a lower priority interrupt?
11/27/2006   ADD or Add, that is the question
11/27/2006   two blurbs on Stacks
11/22/2006   to be ignored until you are through celebrating Thanksgiving... (i.e., solving problems like Problem 5 on exam2)
11/21/2006   E pluribus unum
11/21/2006   My announcement in class today about one-hour meetings with me
11/19/2006   Ooops! I am embarrassed and I sincerely apologize
11/13/2006   WARNING -- the Fall 2002 programming solutions involved the LC-2
11/13/2006   your Programming Assignment 3 grade
11/12/2006   Interrupt driven I/O
11/12/2006   Problem 5b, in case it is not perfectly clear
11/11/2006   What registers should be saved? ...and who should save them?
11/10/2006   Setting and clearing bits
11/06/2006   E and D, revisited.
11/05/2006   How many is at most 20?
11/05/2006   E or D, or e or d, or E or d, etc.
11/01/2006   One of my TAs got very upset with me tonight...
10/31/2006   How important is syntax? Aren't concepts everything?
10/27/2006   Dessert -- i.e., interesting questions, for AFTER all your work is done
10/26/2006   What does BR do?
10/26/2006   Resubmitting PA 1
10/25/2006   LD uses an offset
10/25/2006   Subtraction on the LC-3
10/24/2006   and no sooner do I send one email than...
10/24/2006   sorting algorithms
10/23/2006   What are we asking you to do?
10/23/2006   and now one who WANTS to use .stringz
10/23/2006   .STRINGZ
10/23/2006   The hint is confusing
10/19/2006   Don't forget the last thing to do in the program!
10/19/2006   on branches and bitvectors
10/18/2006   a couple of questions from a couple of students
10/16/2006   comments as part of a good program
10/14/2006   A short question on condition codes, and my VERY long answer
10/13/2006   what if my program is different from the one you came up with?
10/13/2006   one student, three questions
10/12/2006   what happens if x3101 contains a negative number?
10/09/2006   some understandable anxiety after looking at the exam
10/05/2006   tomorrow's discussion sessions
10/05/2006   Unsurprisingly, ...
10/05/2006   now that the exam is done...
10/04/2006   transistor circuits and logic circuits
10/04/2006   How do I get you to concentrate on the concepts in the course?
10/03/2006   old exam solutions
10/03/2006   the soft drink machine
10/03/2006   two questions: one about the exam, one about the mater...
09/30/2006   Problem 2(b) on Problem Set 3
09/30/2006   The midterm exam next Wednesday
09/27/2006   Is Football a prereq for 306?
09/25/2006   Monday, November 6
09/25/2006   What do I mean when I ask you to draw a finite state machine
09/21/2006   64 rows
09/20/2006   More on Problem 3 (second problem set)
09/20/2006   Problem 6 on the second problem set
09/20/2006   IEEE Floating Point BIAS
09/19/2006   Problem 12 on the second problem set
09/19/2006   AND or NAND, that is the question...
09/18/2006   the three-input gate I put on the board last week
09/18/2006   on missing class...
09/18/2006   Problem 1 on the second problem set
09/12/2006   A students asks about the problems we postponed
09/11/2006   The home page for 306
09/08/2006   Error in Problem 4 of the Problem set