Current Research Group

Our group is interested in summer, part-time, permanent and consulting work in applied research and development. Members of this group are working or have worked at CISCO, TI, HP, Intel, Sun Microsystems, Fujitsu, Samsung, Qualcomm. Do not hesitate to contact us.


M.S. and Undergraduate Research

Yuhuan Du
Zheng Lu
Virag Shah

Wang Yicong
Jiaxiao Zheng
Arjun Anand
Pranav Madadi (co-supervised F. Baccelli)

Past Visiting Researchers

Andres Garcia Saavedra , Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
Prof. Sang Kyun Yun , from Dept. of Comp. and Telecom. Eng., Yonsei University, Korea
Prof. Chong Song , from the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Kyunghan Lee, Ph.D. Student at KAIST
Kyuho Son Ph.D. Student at KAIST

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