EE 360N Email Archive

Spring 2007

05/03/2007what has priority, interrupt or exceptions
04/17/2007Problem 4
04/17/2007the 2 level branch predictor
04/15/2007Ooops! I just went back and read our definition of problem 4
04/15/2007The pipeline: stores and branches
04/13/2007backup registers
04/11/2007The trapvector table is in supervisor space, but TRAP executes in...
04/06/2007handling exceptions in the 4th assignment
04/04/2007today's class...
04/02/2007What is R6?
04/02/2007Does SACK serve any useful purpose
04/01/2007the answers to Problem 5
03/31/2007replacement bits for a cache entry
03/30/2007why does associativity matter
03/28/2007final exam schedule
03/24/2007one of my TAs just beat me up for not emphasizing some terminology
03/24/2007another student follows up...
03/24/2007the index bits for accessing the tag store
03/23/2007question on multiprocessor use of private cache
03/20/2007a question on yesterday's lecture...
03/06/2007Will I include the glossary in the exam?
03/05/2007P0 space and P1 space and multiple processes ...on the VAX
03/05/2007which came first: the interrupt or the page fault?
03/04/2007Virtual Memory (a somewhat long complete -- I hope -- picture)
03/03/2007Who assigns page frame numbers?
03/03/2007what will be provided so we don't have to copy *everything*
03/03/2007Some definitions to help you in your studying...
03/03/2007To get more points, or not to get more points, that is the question
03/01/2007more on unaligned accesses
03/01/2007Review session Sunday
02/28/2007prepare for the exam
02/27/2007another question on interleaving
02/27/2007Does the vector load described in class end up with garbage on the bus?
02/26/20071st or 2nd memory access
02/24/2007memory addressiability
02/21/2007What does MIO.EN mean?
02/19/2007the Ready bit
02/18/2007State 20 of the JSRR instruction revisited
02/18/2007what goes on in a clock cycle
02/18/2007grading of the second program
02/17/2007are there choices in the data path?
02/15/2007What must be done to read a value in a register?
02/12/2007Re: EE 360N: Questions about Lab2 – we did not send out this message to the class, since it deals primary with Lab 2, and the deadline had already passed.
02/04/2007BR vs. BRnzp
02/04/2007Please disregard my last email message. It could do more harm than good :-)
02/04/2007Note! We have asked you to disregard this message! what values are permissible in instructions
01/31/2007You MUST protect your files
01/31/2007Using linux and using windows
01/29/2007What does the compiler know?
01/27/2007Big endian, little endian
01/27/2007Some assembly language subtleties
01/25/2007LEA rises to the surface
01/25/2007The assembly process