EE 382V - Architecture and Design Intent

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Tuesday and Thursday -- 11:00-12:00 am in ENS 623A
Summer: By Appointment


This graduate depth course in software engineering will focus on the problem of modeling and representing architectural and design intent in planned and agile developments. Architecture and design decisions are the mechanisms by which requirements are transformed from what a system is supposed to do into how it is to do it. Critical to both the initial development and the evolution of a system is a shared understanding of the intent of those decisions ie, not just what the decisions are, but also the rationale or why for those decisions. This course will begin with a look at historical context and then continue with current research for capturing architecture/design decisions and intent, including topics such as: capturing rationale in architectures, architectural styles and other idioms; capturing and using intent in agile contexts; using intent to manage changing requirements and designs; using intent to understand and manage evolution; and using intent modeling to evaluate satisfaction of intent for static and self-adaptive systems. The course is organized as a series of lectures, research paper presentations and discussions.

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Reading Assignments

Class Lecture Themes and Assignments

Topics and Papers for Class Lecture/Report

Class Project Description - Initial Questions
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Class Project Description and Deadlines - Complete Version

Class Project Schedule:

17 Jan: Introduction [Lecture notes]

19 Jan: General Overview [Lecture notes]

24 Jan: Construction Intent: SIC Models, Inscape Environment [Lecture notes] [Inscape Examples] 26 Jan: Inscape - Propagation Logic, Exception Handling [Lecture notes] 31 Jan: Inscape - Version Mgmt, Retrieval [Lecture notes] 2 Feb: Inscape - Experience and Impact [Lecture notes] 7 Feb: Architecture Intent [Lecture notes] 9 Feb: Architecture - Generic Architecture Descriptions [Lecture notes] 14 Feb: Architecture - PLA and Styles [Lecture notes] 16 Feb: Paul Grisham: Design Intent in Agile Contexts [Lecture notes] 21 Feb: Paul Grisham: Design Intent in Agile Contexts [Lecture notes]

23 Feb: Matthew Hawthorne: Architecture Intent and Rationale

28 Feb: Matthew Hawthorne: Architecture Intent and Rationale & Class Project [Lecture notes]

2 Mar: Cognitive Aspects of Design [SKIPPED]

7 Mar: Design Rationale Modeling Representations [Lecture notes]

9 Mar: Empirical Studies of Designers [Lecture notes]

21 Mar: Architecture Rationale [Lecture notes]

23 Mar: Architecture Design Drivers [Lecture notes]

28 Mar: Architectural Styles [Lecture notes]

30 Mar: Empirical Studies of Architecture Rationale [Lecture notes]

4 Apr: Intent and Evolution [Lecture notes]

6 Apr: Using Design History [Lecture notes]

11 Apr: Software Development Tools [Lecture notes]

13 Apr: Design Patterns [Lecture notes]

18 Apr: [Class Cancelled]

20 Apr: Coding Techniques [Lecture notes]

25 Apr: Architecture Rationale Revisited [Lecture notes]

27 Apr: Design Intent Revisited [Lecture notes]

2 May: Class Project Discussion

4 May: Class Reports and projects due

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